Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Had to Share this post from stratics forums.

The reason why everyone hates feluccans and pvpers-

the reason is simply because felucca/pvp is the end-game of UO. these are
the best UO players in the game and everyone is jealous of them. all felucca
players can easily hold their own in the trammel ruleset areas. all trammel
players cannot do the same in felucca. felucca is UO on hard. it is much like
last christmas when people bought halo 2 and were all excited about the XBOX
live capability but then realized they weren't able to compete because they
weren't good enough or didn't want to invest the time to become good. so
therefore they quit out of jealousy. this happened to my friend. he smashed an
XBOX Controller and quit Halo 2 because he couldn't handle the pressure. Felucca
= patience. if you have no patience you will be bad at felucca. people in
trammel don't like to die. they like to farm gold and do things and never die.
this is inherent to trammel. this is why trammel exists. for these types of
people. there is nothing wrong with that. it does not however give trammel
players a right to tell feluccans they shouldn't be entitled to something.
(powerscrolls) people are jealous because they cannot (for whatever reason)
compete in the end-game of UO. they want powerscrolls in trammel so they can go
farm them at their leisure w/ out intervention or stress or character death.
some people have come to felucca recently because of the stealth/archer making
it possible for unskilled players to come get a few cheap kills at yew gate.
this is great but they are missing out on the great battles in the dungeons/t2a.
Trammel players don't understand that all felucca players are also trammel
players. they are forced to goto tram so they can compete in their own
environment (felucca)


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