Sunday, February 12, 2006


It was worth the count :)


Monday, February 06, 2006

House Hider

This one was funny, before I make Trinity [COP] look like a total idiot, I will give Trinity [COP] props for running around on a red spellcaster (even though you are a gimpy necro :P) the other night. After the archer gank squad had gone away I finaly got to take Trinity [COP] one on one fighting from inside his house. This guy died to Exp Fs Ma Fb Ma Fb Ma Fb Ma Fb. LOL

Friday, February 03, 2006


This is a long one folks, today we were sitting around doing out normal boring felucca type things such as pvping. Anyhow as we sat there bored out of our minds, one of our alliance members (Sean of ISO) yells:

"Hey guys theres this awesome guild DES gathering at Compassion gate! They said we could PVM with them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Shortly after Sean had notified us about the DES guild hunt, Myself, Rikku, Sean and Slipperywhenwet showed up as fast as possible, not to miss out on some awesome PVM action.

Shortly after we had gathered the DES leadership started a 10 man party with us. Before we knew it we were off to the races, screaming through Ilshenar 10 brave men and women strong. The first obsitcal was a little known creature that resides near compassion called "a corpser" let me tell you this one was a handful! It was a PARAGON!

Half way there we stoped to gather ourselves, this journey was a long and tough road, the men and women of the party were weary from fighting creatures such as the "corpser".

D-Day was upon us, we were almost at our point ofbattle, Deep inside Ilshenar we were commited to ourjourney. The only thing we could do now was pray wewould make it out the other end alive, to breathe thefresh air of luna once again.

Before we knew it the Battle was upon the swords were flying arrows were launching and the Exodus Overseerers EVERYWHERE!

Now with every battle death is an unfortunate outcome, I happened to capture a screen of the forst death in our part, I happened to be so scared by all of it I polymorphed into a Polar bear so i would not be seen!

After The Battle had raged for several minuites, over 30% of the DES forces had suffered casualties, these brave men and women fought with everything they had all in the name of glory. good luck to all DES and fare the well.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

GM of EFL dies 1v1 to my parry necro rofl

Lol post that one on stratics Morticia.

Back on Sonoma for good!

Yep I'm back. Most of ya said "I told ya so" but yea whatever, long story short im back, Unfortunately i didnt get many screen shots on baja because I had just bought a new computer and didn't even have UOSH (UO Screen Shot) yet.

Anyhow Here is a pic of how things went on baja.