Friday, August 11, 2006

Adios Balinor

One less asshole in UO. Heard from Dor the stratics nazi, that he got perma banned. Thanks for never dueling me and running shit out of your mouth 24/7. Enjoy your post UO life asshole. btw you sucked on a mage.
Greetings, thank you for your page. A copy of your journal has been submittedfor us to review. Electronic Arts reviews all reports of harassment and ifwarranted, appropriate action will be taken. Due to our privacy policy, you willnot be informed of the results of our investigation. Please be sure to use yourignore feature to prevent further issues from arising with the person you havereported. Thanks and take care!
Drake Customer Relations
Thank you for contacting our support staff. Please take a moment to give us yourfeedback on our service by clicking this link : Petition history: On 08-08-2006 you asked UO support:Â Lord Posieden called me a"pussy" then told me to "fuck off" when i asked him not to use dirty words.


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