Sunday, October 09, 2005

OSI vs ISO-? huh?

Ahhh yes, Its that time of the year again, the leafs on the trees are turning brown, yellow and red, the air is becoming more brisk every day. This can only mean one thing... FACTIONS SEASON!!!

That's Right [ISO] has decided to dominate another aspect of ultima online, shortly after creation of our faction guild [OSI] we had captured all the sigils in Brittania. 10 Hours later we had begin to place the sigils on each town post, but to our displeasure the server CRASHED!!!

After the server returned the sigils that were previously corrupted were set back to undergoing corruption. (UNKO) so for the next hour our guild paged and paged and paged and paged and paged... and then paged some more until we got a GM to show up and take a look at the situation. Thankfully GM Kalag was on. After a short wait the sigils were all corrupted again and we could place them on their city posts.

To our great pleasure we had successfully captured every city (except Britain, the gm for some reason could not fix it) and corrupt it by midnight. Ofcourse nothing in UO is free, the GM's apparently decided that our guild tag [OSI] was inappropriate and decided that Charlie Brown needed a 72 hour ban for making it up. Stupid EA. ( we are now [ISO-])


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