Friday, November 11, 2005

To a Friend

Charlie Brown "The Grandmaster Duelist"
My Friend
I met a guy I knew as Dart on the Napa Valley shard some years ago. After I had returned to my home shard a few weeks later i was introduced to a character named "Whispers" in my guild. Little did i know that Whispers was Dart that I had met on Napa Valley a few weeks prior.
How could I have possibly known what I was getting myself into? What other person could have changed my gameplay as much as Lonnie had? No one. When we met I was in a lame guild with a lame GM and surrounded by trammies that had delusions of PvP. And today I play a mage. I someday hope I can be as good as Lonnie, He is everything that I try to be in game, he is a true master of his art.
CB and I have gone through almost everything togeather, we have raided and won, raided and died, defended a raided spawn and lost, defended a raided spawn and won (most of the time kekeke) Got banned BECAUSE OF EACHOTHER (hahaha) gained skill togeather transfered over 3 servers togeather over 3 years and remained the best of friends the whole time.
Charlie Brown, Lonnie, Whispers, or whatever we all call you, you are going to be missed sir. I had the oppertunity to meet Lonnie and his beautiful wife Alicia in real life. They are now preparing to have a baby boy, Lonnie is commited to give his son a good life and all his attention, this is why he has left Ultima Online. I couldnt think of anything thats a better reason than quitting for your family.
Lonnie your a great guy and we are going to miss playing with you. If your ever in San Diego, give me a call. And i better see you in May for my birthday in vegas.
"You didnt ask for permission to spawn here!!!"
- Charlie Brown after raiding [Fel] on the sonoma shard in early 2005
I love you CB


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Well put Ron.

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