Saturday, December 17, 2005

E^E = Big Heads?

Yes, it seems that Sonomas very own 1337 pwnage guild E^E has decided that they are better than our alliance. Let me make a few points to any E^E that may be reading this.

We complimented your guild because you:

  • Never give up, you can die 10 times and still come back to try and defend your spawn
  • Have great spirit
  • Have a few members we like

Now with that set infront of us. Respect us and we will keep respecting you, but if your going to puff your chest up and bark at us, we will bite back.

You might see that phrase in game "You didn't ask for permission to spawn here"


Blogger DS_Loki said...

Hey, This is Dark Stone. E^E does respect most of ISO, 3F and Waka. MOO I wont even go into. Yall [ISO, 3F and Waka] have lots of talent and we enjoy fighting you all. Shame that a few of you all occasionally slip up and just start talking insane amounts of shit, but hey it happens.

Now if it seem like we getting big heads, we prolly are. Especially some of the older members of the guild such as myself. E^E was built from 5-6 people. I was not on first day, but damn close. We pride ourselves in what we have done and the fact that we have no need for alliances. E^E has about 35-40 Individual people in guild last I checked. Some are not as active as others. Usually we have on 10-12. Not everyone has PvP experience/skills. We take great pride in our guild, just as you do yours. That is one reason enough to get a big head about your guild am I right?

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