Thursday, September 14, 2006

I think Im begining to show my UO age...

Aside from my some of my current guild mates, no body on Sonoma seems to PvP without a gimp anymore. The duel isnt even respected on this server, they just DP Strangle or Bleed you and think they are thge shit. I guess it isnt their fault, EA wanted to bring more trammys into felucca with AOS. Looks like they got their wish.


Blogger Mischief Maker said...

So quit Ron. No one gives a crap about your ghey dueling. Two idiots stuck in the past humping air in front of each other at the farms is few peoples idea of fun. People want to kill each other. It strokes the Epeen and makes some cash if thats your thing. Please quit if you dont like it or go to some other server. Oh wait a minute people dont hump air to take or defend champs, which is the only reason to come to dead ass Fel other than to kill snooty braggarts like yourself. Nothing gets me off in UO more than to gank and kill fruits like you and know im pissing you off greatly.

Get a clue, get a life and stop crying for your air humping days. Your alliance is full of gimptards too, so why not go it alone? Afraid to lose that powerscroll income, hmmmm? Need more stuffs for your luna vendors? Now whos playing the trammie game? You sure do value trammie gold it seems.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Ron Fellows said...

im available for duels any time you want at 124031738. i will own you :)

PS) Im flattered you read my blog, you must be a a big fan of mine to post like this :D

12:24 AM  
Blogger Pricker said...

ron is a trammie who hides in luna.

2:52 PM  

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